2020 Fairholme Quilt Show: postponed

16 March 2020

Postponement of 2020 Fairholme Quilt Show

In response to the COVID19 pandemic, the recommendations of Australian authorities,  and in the interests of community protection, the safety of our visitors and our own, we have decided to postpone our major event for the year, our 2020 Quilt Show, scheduled for 3 - 5 April, at the Thornleigh Community Centre.

We had been planning the quilt show for more than a year, our quilts are made and all the arrangements were in place, and we regret having to postpone it, but we will reschedule the event when we can safely do so. We look forward to having you join us then.

In the meantime we will continue to support our community through other activities and quilt making.

You can follow our activities and see many of our quilts by following us here on the blog, or via Instagram and Facebook.

Please direct enquiries to: fairholmequilters@gmail.com

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We had an excellent line-up of traders for our with a range of beautiful and useful things to sell. We are disappointed not to have the opportunity to buy from them at the Quilt Show as planned. We hope they will be available to join us when we reschedule. You can continue to support them by shopping online and in their stores

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