Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Community quilts parade

As the year winds down, we will soon be passing our community quilts on to those we make them for. These beautiful quilts have been handed over by their makers this week, and are very welcome additions to our already substantial collection.

Pat challenged herself with the fabrics she chose
from the community stash, and to make a chevron
pattern that will have wide appeal - she has
carried it off so well!
A different challenge - the centre block was donated by Sue H
for the end-of-year challenge, and Julie took it on. Most of
the outer border fabric was in the community stash.
Now it all looks like it just belongs together.
The second quilt that Elaine W made from fabric rescued from
the community stash cull a few months ago - another good call.
Lynette has made quite a few disappearing four
patch quilts - this one has a different layout, and is
another way to use two fabrics effectively.
Robin W made two similar quilt tops in her signature brights
with this vivid blue background, and generously donated them
to the community collection. Lynette has finished the
second one, quilting and binding it.
Chris and Lynette have teamed up again - Chris made the
top and donated it to us, via her friend Lynette who quilted and
bound it. They work so well together, and we often don't know
what they're up to until a fully finished quilt appears!

Monday, November 20, 2017

North Shore Craft Group Christmas Boutique Show and Sale

Thornleigh Community Centre

Friday 24 November 1 - 5 pm
Saturday 25 November  9am - 5 pm
Sunday 26 November  9 am - 4 pm

Sunday, November 19, 2017

November community sewing day

And just like that, another year of monthly community sewing days is done, and the stash is packed away until February ...

That doesn't mean that community quilts aren't still being made (we know they are, and look forward to the first show and tell after the break!) but it will be several weeks until we get together again in our lovely not-so-little community space. We might have to catch up for a coffee at least in the meantime.

Thank you to everyone who has participated this year - your time, efforts and friendship are much appreciated. We have made about 70 quilts this year!

Team basting is always a high priority for community sewing
days - we really capitalise on the large table tops and willing
hands. All of these fabrics were donated by members, and the
quilt top made up by Dawn.
Burying quilting threads - no-one's favourite job.
Robin W made the quilt, Lynette quilted and bound it.
The gorgeous hot pink backing was in the community stash.
Our new labels arrived from Spoonflower - they're a little larger
than anticipated ... but you can easily read the care instructions!
Some flannel action from Miriam - before it gets too hot to
handle it. Soft florals.
This is going to be good - Susan auditioned some stunning
sashing fabric to pair with her flying geese and another set of
blocks made with predominantly Aboriginal prints. 
Some of the beautiful bright fabrics Daphne chose from the
community stash for a new quilt that she then cut and started to
sew on the day. Another one to look forward to in the new year.
Some blocks from the stash - it's always a good idea to trim
before joining, but it is a bit annoying when you trim them
all to 8 1/2" and then find that the last few are only 8 1/4" ...
Elaine went back and re-trimmed them all.
Sue C is now about three quarters through her red and blue
cross quilt top, and it looks fabulous.
Just checking that the backing is big enough for Dawn's quilt
top - not basting, because Yvette has very, very generously
taken six community quilt tops to practise her long-arm quilting
skills, in preparation for launching a new business in the
new year!
Susan has a quilting plan for her appliqued leaves and butterflies.
Tools downed - time for lunch! The quilt top was made
by Robyn B, and is now basted ready  for Jill to quilt.
Four finished community quilts handed over this week!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Show and tell and shopping ...

Victoria's very nearly finished quilt is very large - she
 was sewing down the very last of the binding this week.
The fabrics are a mix of weights, bought as a kit.
The graphic quilting was done by Jo-Ann (Quiltwise)
The first finish of three 'In a Whirl' quilts being made by
 Elaine W, after she won a large box of 2 1/2" strips at our
Biggest Morning Tea earlier in the year. This and one other
are generous donations to our community collection, and
one has been claimed by one of Elaine's grandchildren
who is keeping a close eye on its making.
The aqua sashing and grid quilting bring the large variety of
prints together very nicely. Elaine used Sew Miriam's tutorial.

Sue H will be busy making three I-spy quilts for
 three year old family members - the first one is now
ready for quilting. They will be finished as quillows.

End-of-year challenge progress: make something (anything) from
someone else's abandoned project. In Val's skilled hands a small
collection of blocks, some joined together, some loose, became
an 18" cushion filled with light, shade, colour and movement.
Pat says she can't sew clothes, but she has made two fine
kimonos for her vintage Pedigree walking doll that remains
in excellent condition. We will see the doll herself when
she has her new wig and shoes!

We all know that quilters need fabric, and it doesn't take
much to prompt a purchase - but there is nothing like a
quilt show to enable some spontaneous shopping. The recent
Modern Quilt Show Australia held in Sydney sent (from top
left) Jo-Ann, Roslyn and Sue C into shopping mode.
Daphne (bottom right) went for the very big guns at the
International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas a couple of
weeks ago - this bundle is a fat quarter pack of 'Dot Crazy'
the new release by Modern Quilt Studio, and there has been
some evidence of a significant Kaffe Fasset acquisition too.
Very nice work!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Last week's show and tell

It was a delight to revisit Lyn's Yoko Saito quilt, now that it
is quilted. Like all Lyn's work it is beautifully done - we look
forward to it hanging in our 2018 quilt show in April. 
Close-up details - but photos cannot do it justice
- it needs to be seen 'in the cloth'.
There is so much to see - you could look at it long
and often and still see new things.
One other quilter was heard to say that having seen
Lyn's quilt finished she was encouraged to get out the
pattern that she has had for several years, and get
started - we look forward to that!
Louise's Studio Mystery quilt is different again
 from all the others we saw the week before last!

Dawn was trying to find a way to use her bird print panels, 
without much success, until the berry and leaves stripe 
appeared in a donation of fabric from Material Girls Down 
Under - both the print and the background blue were just 
the thing, and the quilt is now happily finished and in our 
community collection.
Someone from a group Denise belongs to is leaving after a
long association, and Denise has made this small quilt with
heart shaped spaces for them all to sign as a farewell gift.

Helen found these twenty one Lemoyne Star blocks on eBay.
They are hand pieced, using authentic feed sacks and either
quilters' muslin or s fine calico /homespun, and in good condition.
She is thinking about putting them together, and how to quilt
them sympathetically.
These beautiful batiks were a roll-up, donated by Sew Can I in
Werrington County, and won by Julie at our Biggest Morning
Tea back in May. Now beautifully quilted by Jo (Quiltwise).
Margaret has been making Christmas table runners and Santa
bags for her market stall.
These beautiful bags are also Margaret's work - she selected the
cross stitch panels from the end-of-year challenge table, and is
making them into tote bags, with carefully chosen, good quality
fabric to compliment them. The eight panels were worked
more than ten years ago, by Janice, who is delighted to
see them being used.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

2018 events

13 January-14 February 2018, 
Brenda Gael Smith - solo exhibition 
On loan from the collection of the Musée de Cluny – Musée national du Moyen Âge in Paris.
The lady and the unicorn tapestry cycle six large tapestries each depict a richly costumed lady flanked by that most mysterious animal, the unicorn, with jewel-like millefleur (‘thousand flowers’) backgrounds.
18 February - 24 June 2018
Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney

Avalon Quilters Quilt Show
9 - 10 March 2018

Fairholme Quilters Quilt Show
Friday 6 April (from 1 pm) - Sunday 8 April 2018
Thornleigh Community Centre
Phylllis Ave, Thornleigh 2120

5 - 8 April 2018
Challenge and tutors have been announced.
Class bookings from 2 November 2017.
Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton Gardens, Melbourne

Sydney Quilt Show - Quilt NSW
and Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair
Wednesday 20 - Sunday 24 June 2018 
Darling Harbour, Sydney

The Appliqué Guild of Australia
Registration is now open
26 - 28 October 2018
The George Kerferd, Albert Road, Beechworth Vic 3747

Friday, November 10, 2017

Recent community quilts

Julie is a prolific community quilter - the penguins
were donated to our end-of-year challenge, and she
couldn't go past them. The side borders are fussy cut
because Julie didn't want the penguins to be lying
sideways! The striped border is a great touch.
Another community quilt that started with just two blocks
rescued by Julie, who is a skilled machine appliquer.

And Julie's third community quilt finish this month
 - some fabrics left over from a previous one (and 

some of her own), this time cut with the tumbler 
template that she really likes to use.
Some of these fabrics were rescued too - from a 'discard'
pile during a rationalisation of the community stash.
Elaine W put them together with some from her own stash
and added a pretty back from a generous donation made by
 Material Girls Down Under earlier in the year. Good call, Elaine.
The sixth of six children's quilts made by Margaret K. Note
the simple, versatile block she has used to great effect. Lynette
quilted and bound all six quilts. They're a great team.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Recent show and tell

Several Fairholme quilters also belong to Studio Quilters,
who held their annual retreat a couple of weekends ago. Linda
was in charge of the mystery quilt this year, that was revealed at
the weekend. This one is Lyn's all finished, quilted and bound.
Louise C also opted for brights, but she wavered
about the black sashing before deciding it could go in!
... and this is Lynette's mystery quilt top, started on
Thursday, ready to take to the retreat on Friday!
Sue B's mystery quilt looks different again.
All lovely.

Linda also organised the retreaters to bring fabric to make
Boomerang Bags that have been donated to a local
coordinating group. 
They made 16 bags for the community initiative to provide a
sustainable alternative to plastic bags.

We've welcomed three new members recently,  Victoria, Jan
 and Sharon, all experienced quilters. These blocks are Jan's
current hand-piecing project - we look forward to seeing the quilt.

Roslyn is gathering an excellent stock of items for the hand
craft stall at next year's quilt show.

Yvette is learning to use a long arm quilting
machine. Her first completed quilt is the one
she started in a workshop with Denyse
Schmidt a few weeks ago. This quick preview
suggests she's going to be very good!