Sunday, June 16, 2019

Around the meeting table ...

There is always quite a bit to see just by checking out what people are currently working on, in addition to what they bring for 'show and tell'. What is more difficult to document is the collaboration and co-operaton that often flies just under the group radar as people help each other with suggestions, information, and assistance. Last Monday was a public holiday, so perhaps we'll see great strides made over the last fortnight at tomorrow's meeting. Here are some observation from a couple of weeks ago ...

Another piece of a vintage 'cutter quilt' has made its way into
Helen's collection - worn from use, but lovely to contemplate.

There is always plenty of hexagon action - so portable!
These might be Julie's?

Marilyn's tiny clam shell border for her Oakhampton
quilt continue to grow.

We couldn't help but notice that several SewMiriam zip bags
were in regular use ... we know there are more!

This one is Miriam's own.

Gorgeous greens
Daphne's colourful cat panel is distinctive

Sue C has sewn nearly enough carefully curated 1 1/2" hexagons
for her granddaughter's quilt. She'll be checking out border options
at her next Margaret Sampson George class at Cottage Quilt Works.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Show and tell

Dawn made a lovely quilt for our community collection
from Australian flora prints donated by a former member
who can no longer quilt.

Susan made a very striking (and large) quilt for her step-
grandson in his favourite colours of orange, red and yellow.

The reverse continues the fiery theme.

Miriam made a beautifully calming blue/grey/cream
version of her sampler quilt. 

it is expertly quilted by Yvette.
This big confident quilt was made by Jan for her son ...
... who is a journalist, so she used mostly text prints for the reverse.

Marilyn O made this very appealing wall hanging for the
room where her grandchildren sleep at her house.

Marilyn's applique and quilting are exquisite (and difficult
to capture in a photo in far from ideal light). We hope
she will enter it in our 200 quilt show next April so
 it will be more widely seen.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Sydney Quilt Show 2019

We’ve entered two quilts made from members’ entries to the 2018 block challenge, and we will have the group members’ table on Saturday 22nd - we hope to see you there!

Friday, June 7, 2019

Show and tell

The colour palette in Janice's 3" hexagon baby quilt is stunning.
It is for a beautiful baby boy who lives in Berlin, and 

Janice has kindly delivered it by hand.
Some of these cute bunnies made it onto the front of Janice's
baby quilt too. They play very nicely with the fine
blue striped binding. Quilted by Yvette.

Robin made this absolutely glowing quilt top for her
daughter who requested a particular coral and blue
print ‘but just the coral’ and a different blue. 
We look forward to seeing it finished with long-arm
machine quilting. And the one Robin will make f
rom the blue scraps.

Daphne dived very deep into her stash for fabrics
10 - 15 years old!

Jill and her sister collaborated on a quilt for their
newest great niece.

Pat is making fabulous birds for a special occasion ...

Thursday, June 6, 2019


Details of these events have been added to our events page ...

North Shore Craft Group 
Sale and Exhibition
Thursday 18 - Sunday 21 July 2019
Thornleigh Community Centre

Camden Country Quilters Guild
Annual Quilt Exhibition
Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 July 2019
Camden Civic Centre

Cherrybrook Quilters Inc 
Quilt exhibition and Christmas Market
Friday 29 November and Saturday 30 November 2019
Uniting Church Hall, New Line Road, Cherrybrook

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Two quilts ...

We often bounce ideas of each other, work collaboratively, share fabrics and tools, make quilts in similar styles or from the same pattern - those are some of the perks of belonging to a group. Then at other times, two people light on the same plan independently, like this story of two Elaines, one quilt design (discovered on the same bus/shopping trip several years ago, and this month we saw the two quilts, one a recently finished top, the other finished and used for some time ...

Elaine W's quilt top was finished recently ...
Elaine G's quilt has been finished for some time, with
the addition of a border of ginko leaves ...

... and her very fine hand quilting

Another appliqued ginko leaf  serves as the label,

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Fibre Creations: exhibition and sale of handmade goods, Epping

In our neighbourhood this weekend. EWES = Epping Weavers, Embroiderers and Spinners. Exhibition at Epping Creative Centre, Dence Park, Epping.

More information: Epping EWES blog

Monday, May 27, 2019

Show and tell

Louise finished her long term machine- and hand-made project
as a gift for a friend undergoing treatment for breast cancer.
Another beautiful block nearly finished for her
grandson's quilt  by Jan - her hand blanket stitch
is very fine. 

More beautiful hand work from Nerida, in her version
of Jen Kingwell's 'Halo' quilt, detail below

Pat finished her vibrant jelly roll hexagon quilt with
a geometric print border and floral  binding.

Lynette found herself in a bit of a sewing funk recently.
She resolved with a jelly roll and some time at the
sewing machine - a pretty, simple, and a very welcome
community quilt came out the other side, and her
desire to sew had returned. Win all round. 

As Daphne continues tidying her extensive stash,
she comes across treasures like this batik beauty
that just needed a border.

The irregular multi coloured spotty batik did the job admirably.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Community sewing day, May 2019

Another enjoyable community sewing day last week - it's good to work together, have  time to catch up, and we managed to work on ten separate quilts.

Basting a bright donated quilt top
Elaine B worked out a construction plan for a child's quilt
Elaine W made a ninth block to go with a donated
set of eight, and joined them together

... and  border or two later they will be another quilt top.

Jill added a couple of orders to a little colour wash top
that Heather put together last month, to make it a
useable size. t came to us as a collection of 3 " nine
patches, with 'colour wash' written on the plastic
bag keeping them together.

Hilary added to her collection of wonky trees
- they are very cute!

Miriam sewed and sewed until her floral flannel blocks
started last year were all joined.

And then we pin basted it for her, ready to quilt.

Sue C has been collecting white background fabric with small
bright, multicoloured prints for her version of Miriam's Stars.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Fairholme Quilt Show 2020 - claiming the date!

We're pleased to announce, well in advance, our next Quilt Show ...

Save the date, and join us then!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Show and tell - part two

A lucky little four year old will receive Janice's 'Bloom'
quilt this week. The mix of modern florals, fussy cut
pentagon centres and hand quilting is perfect.

Lyn's missing mojo came back with her interest in Pat's recent
finish of a colourful jelly roll hexagon quilt, prompting Lyn to
dive into her stash for a Bali-pop. Good choice Lyn!
This very large, mostly applique quilt has been a collaboration
 - Yvette started it, making the medallion centre, but got stuck.
She handed it over to Denise who has now finished it,
including the 300+ Suffolk puffs required for the
trees around the final border!

Border mushrooms ...

... and Suffolk puff (yo-yo) trees.

So many gorgeous greens! Louise made her log cabin 
variation quilt using two jelly rolls. It is for a special birthday.

The interesting border is on two diagonal corners.

Louise is very happy with Yvette's long arm quilting.