Saturday, September 23, 2017

2017 end-of-year challenge - early progress

We've decided to run an open challenge to be revealed at our end of year event - some of us will share our progress along the way, to encourage others, and maybe pass on ideas about transforming the 'lost' blocks they have selected from members' contributions.

Of course we have found many unfinished projects, some almost entirely forgotten, as we have dug deep into our stashes for abandoned blocks, or partly or nearly finished quilts. So while we have more than enough to pass on to our fellow quilters to see what they make of them, the challenge has also prompted a flurry of finishing some of those treasures ourselves, as well ... win-win!

This little quilt sparked the idea for the challenge.
Jill found the six 4 " hour glass blocks tucked away 

from an earlier project, and gathered up some some 
scraps from her stash, and a pale blue fat quarter from 
the community stash. 
Elaine knew she had some bits and pieces left over from a
large quilt, but she was delighted to find that she had enough
for a smaller lap quilt, and that most of the blocks were already
made and packed away with enough fabric to finish it, including
borders. She likes it better than the original! She is also working
on a collection of red and white blocks for the group challenge.
Helen thought she would discard a small quilt top made from
eight red and navy log cabin blocks many years ago, but Jill 

chose it for her actual challenge quilt, and is remaking it by 
recutting the blocks for 6" half square triangles, adding some 
new slashed log cabins and some contemporary prints 
arranged in an asymmetric chevron. About a third of the half 
square triangles are joined together so far.
Pat selected a diverse collection of blocks from the challenge
pile, and has put them together beautifully. So far she has added
just one block of her own (the upper left hand corner), but we are
encouraging her to keep going, to make it larger, using her talent
for improvisational piecing (see here and here).
A finished appliqued block will make a fine centre for Julie's
medallion - she has chosen complimentary border fabrics
from the community stash.
Hilary auditioned blue border fabrics from the community stash.
Her herring bone quilt top started with the half square triangle
blocks with the yellow fabrics, and has grown with the addition
of new ones from Hilary's extensive stash.
Will Hilary bend to pressure to include a narrow
yellow/pink border?

Friday, September 22, 2017

Show and tell ...

Margaret K is sewing Christmas presents. These little baskets
are about 6" x 6" x 6", and stand up when empty.
They are all gorgeous, but those zebras! 
Robin made a quilt for her daughter using these luscious
turquoise and blue fabrics selected by her daughter, and had
enough fabric left to make this beauty for her granddaughter.
Robin thinks she still has enough for one more smaller quilt.
Cool tiled floors in an exotic location?
Pat has finished her bag from Miriam's recent workshop
- a lovely combination of prints and colours.
Yvette had an unexpected opportunity to do an improv piecing
workshop with designer and quilter Denyse Schmidt  at
The Happen Store in Annandale recently. Starting with two
solids and adding print highlights, Yvette made the most it,
and really enjoyed the class.
Elaine B finished her bag from Miriam's workshop in just
under a week, in time to take to Alice Springs as a gift for a
friend's birthday! Her friend loves it.
Louise is very organised, making great progress on a quilt
for a baby not yet born.
Photo from Instagram.
It's always good to see Nerida start a new quilt, like this one
started in a workshop with Judy Newman - we know there will be
lots of loveliness to come. Those little stripey corner triangles
will turn into fabulous diamonds of tiny crosses.
Will we see this one in our 2018 quilt show next April?
Photo from Instagram.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

'Sunshine' in 2017 Bloggers Quilt festival

Miriam has written a fabulous blog post at Sew Miriam, with gorgeous photos,  about the design and making of our 2018 raffle quilt, and entered it into the 2017 Fall Bloggers' Quilt Festival, in the lead up to the International Quilt Festival in Houston.

Thanks for sharing this beautiful quilt so widely, Miriam.

Proceeds of the quilt raffle at our 2018 Quilt Show will be donated to Studio ARTES.

Visit all the quilting bloggers participating in the 2017 Fall Bloggers Quilt Festival here.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

New books

Many quilting books are published each year, here is just a sample of recent/upcoming releases that might make it to your wish list:

Patches of Blue, Edyta Sitar, 2017
Edyta Sitar's blog post about Patches of Blue
Modern Quilt Magic, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, 
C and T Publishing, 2017 
Quilts in Ireland, Kaffe Fassett, Taunton Press 2017
Hat Creek Quilts, Deirdre Bond Abel, 
Quilt Mania, 2017

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Recent show and tell

We had a preview of Nerida's 18th birthday quilt, but it has
been under embargo until gifted to her nephew last weekend.
Dawn has been called on recently to make three quilts,
two for close family members and one for a nursing home
in the country. This one is for her sister-in-law, a pretty
mix of prints, with a clever use of a birder print. She
is now finishing off a community quilt from the left-over
fabric from one of the other two - nothing goes to waste.
Forty 10" star blocks were made for last year's end-of-year
challenge, so we've made two quilts. One is nearly done, just a
few threads to bury and binding. Jill put these blocks together
and quilted it. Noelle is working on the second one.
Helen has already made a start on her 2017 challenge quilt.
She chose the single blue star block from the orphan pile, and
is building a medallion quilt from fabric in her stash. She
says there is plenty of fabric, so a few more borders to go.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

For this weekend's diary

Contact: Hilary Best 0409 249 503 

Singleton Quilters 2017 Quilt Show
'Traditionally Modern'
15 - 17 September 2017 
Mechanics Institute, 74 George St, Singleton
Enquiries: Marea 0408 731 529; Kim 0415 804 456

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Workshop with Sew Miriam

We've done bag making workshops with Miriam a couple of times, but it was time for another one, since we have a number of members who've joined since the last one, and those of us who hadn't done one see the fabulous results every week, and wish we had.

Miriam has posted great photos of our work on her blog, Sew Miriam, and we have seen the first complete finish this week. Thanks Miriam for a fabulous day, and Nerida for organising it.
Before and after - Miriam set up an ordered, beautifully
arranged demonstration table. We used it often.
Flowers for the teacher.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Fabric sale at Craft Depot

Just in case you need fabric at great price, Pennant Hills ...

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Show and tell and a challenge

Garment sewing/ quilting crossover. Ginnie made a happy
discovery in her stash of some Sarah Fielke 'Enchanted' fat
quarters, and immediately thought of two little girls who
would love swirly skirts. This one just needs some elastic,
then some for its purple trimmed twin. 

Janice has been happily practicing clam applique.
Liberty and linen - made for each other.

Julie says we will see no more of this until the
quilt is done - no clues!

Pam has been in South Africa, visiting her daughter who works
on an educational aid program. She found shweshwe fabrics
in brighter colours than her previous purchase some years ago.
Wikipedia describes shweshwe as 'a printed dyed cotton fabric
widely used for traditional South African clothing. Originally
dyed indigo, the fabric is manufactured in a variety of colours
and printing designs characterised by intricate geometric patterns.
Due to its timeless popularity, shweshwe has been described
as the denim or tartan, of South Africa.'

Its history is described here, by Meerkat Shweshwe Fabrics

We launched our end-of-year challenge this week. We brought
in left over, abandoned, surplus-to-needs blocks from our
stashes, placed them down the middle of a long table, then selected
someone else's to make a reborn quilt or whatever our imaginations
 come up with. We'll vote on the best 'rebirth' in progress at our
Christmas lunch when we go on summer break. There was
much enthusiastic inspection of the options and comments of
'how could you let this go?' Fun, and possibly productive.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Modern Quilt Show Australia 2017: teachers announced

The Modern Quilt Show Australia 2017 will be hosted by Sydney Modern Quilters,  3 - 5 November at Petersham Town Hall in Sydney. Workshop tutors have been announced this week, and tickets for classes will be on sale next week.

Go to the Modern Quilt Show Australia 2017 website for all information about workshop content, dates, venues and costs, and for links to book online, or follow via Facebook and/or Instagram.

Modern Quilt Show Australia on Instagram

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Last show and tell for winter

Our ranks have been a little thinner as winter draws to a close and Sydney's flu takes hold, but we have continued to see brilliant work.

Beautifully appliqu├ęd and quilted tree, made by
Jo-Ann about four years ago. An injury interrupted
its completion, until last week when the planets
aligned to give her a good block of time to devote to it. 
Jo took a while to settle on the quilting effect she wanted 
between the branches and some unpicking was involved. 
Jo took a while to settle on the quilting effect she wanted
between the banches and some unpicking was involved. She
is happy with the matchstick quilting that was inspired by Jenn's
work that she has been able to inspect closely recently.
Jo did the quilts a long-arm machine.
Julie has used a crochet thread rather than sashiko
for this wall hanging, made for her daughter.
She has added some green in the leaves and red to
the traditional white thread. 
We've been fascinated watching Lyn's appliqued and
embroidered village grow under her needle. There will be
more embroidery in the borders, but it is already full of 

detail. The pattern is Yoko Saito's 2012 'Mystery Quilt' 
published by Quilt Mania.
Closeup of just one little neighbourhood. Will it be done 
for our April 2018 quilt show? No pressure Lyn!
Robyn designed her quilt with circles and circles within
circles. It is all appliqued, and hand quilted. 
A lovely, happy mix of fabric, lots of detail, and Robyn's
beautiful hand quilting. She intended to quilt jut once around
the circles, but they demanded more!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Quilt shows this weekend and during September

Arcadian Quilters Exhibition
9 - 10 September 2017
9.30 am - 4.00 pm
Galston Community Centre, Arcadia Rd, Galston

Singleton Quilters 2017 Quilt Show
'Traditionally Modern'
15 - 17 September 2017 
Mechanics Institute, 74 George St, Singleton
Enquiries: marea 0408 731 529; Kim 0415 804 456

Stonequarry Quilters Biennial Quilt Show
16 - 17 September 2017
10.00 am - 4.00 pm
Tahmoor Community Centre, 6 Harper Close, Tahmoor
Contact: Hilary Best 0409 249 503 or

Thursday, August 24, 2017

This week's show and tell

Louise W-S  used her favourite pineapple print, and a combination 
of wonderful sashing fabrics to make the sweetest little quilt for 
her newest neighbour, baby Margaux. Lucky baby.

A great fabric for cat and book lovers. Julie made this
almost wholecloth quilt for her grandson.

Nerida's daughter is off to study overseas soon, with
a Mum-made bag for precious bits and pieces - a lovely 

reminder of home. 

Miriam has enjoyed hand piecing Judy Newman's 'Emma Mary'
border blocks, using an older liberty print for the joining squares,
but without the centre medallion - it's nearly big enough.
Julie's second community tumbler quilt made
from a fabric bundle donated by Noelle, and a
beautifully warm rug done in Tunisian  knit stitch,
that is actually a crochet method ...
All the spots and dots, and the occasional kitten. Yvette used
every spot print she could find in the community stash, and
filled a few gaps with a print that features a spotty cat.
Four hundred 3" squares makes a generous sized community quilt.
Circle quilting compliments the squares and all
the dottiness, and the pretty pink backing allows
the quilting to star. 
Jill finished the quilt top after a workshop with Catherine
Butterworth in 2015, and it waited to find a home for more than
2 years. Jo-Ann Phillips has now quilted it, ready to be donated
to Studio ARTES for a fundraiser next month.