Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Kawandi +

Interest in Kawandi style quilts and quilting remains high, with several more completed.  We know there are several more in the making.

Susan made her small Kawandi style quilt after a demonstration
 at one of our recent meeting by Val. She used flannel fabrics
for piecing  and the back so it can be used to protect a table
from hot dishes, and intentionally left the sides not squared up.

Pat used her Japanese fabric stash, and finished some
 joins with embroidered top-stitching.

Generalising from her Kawandi quilt, Pat made another
small improv quilt using a crumb -piecing technique as
demonstrated by Teresa Downunder online

Jill’s Kawandi style quilt started in a workshop
with Lorena Uriarte

Sue’s Kawandi style quilt started in a workshop 
with Lorena Uriarte

Close-up of Sue’s stitching using 12 wt Aurifil
Mako cotton thread.

Sunday, August 7, 2022

Recent community quilt finishes


Someone will love Linda’s vibrant orange windmill quilt.

Another bright and beautiful community quilt made by Linda

A sweet modern floral backing - but wait, they’re carrots!

Cool blue and white - classic, from Linda

Julie and Jill pooled their Crooked Courthouse blocks for a second 
community quilt after a workshop with Nerida.

A pieced back for this improv quilt

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Made by Fairholme quilters - Denise’s ‘Japanese Tiles’

Denise made her beautiful version of Tita Leach’s ‘Japanese Tiles’ quilt for her friend Sari, who loves it. The centre panel blocks are very detailed, with appliqué, embroidery, beading and buttons. Thank you for borrowing it back so that we could see it finished and to take photos of it Denise.

Sunday, July 31, 2022

Needlework treasures

 Some of our members have shared family needlework treasures recently.

This very sweet little doll’s quilt was made for Susan’s
mother when she was a child in the 1920s, perhaps by her
 mother or grandmother. It now fragile, and a little faded,
but much treasured by Susan.

It is pieced and embroidered, all stitched by hand.

Hilary’s mother made this needle point tote during
 the 1960/70s

Every bit of the surface is covered in different
stitches and colours

Hilary has had it for several years, and has
decided it needs to be used.

Julie has practised many crafts, included doll making. She
 made the doll itself and its clothes. The face is hand
painted, the hair is strands of mohair.
 It stands about 6 inches high.

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Other needlework …

 It’s not all quilts, it’s not even all sewing …

Roslyn’s silk scarf was made from a pattern bought from 
Wabi Sabi - she finds that that the mix of colours 
in the, print means that goes with everything.

One week Chris had some interesting knitting with her,
 and the next she wearing her beautiful ombré shawl
against the bitter cold.

Chris’s husband Colin made her a yarn bowl, and 
quickly had orders from several ofher friends.

Janice talked Marilyn into knitting this wonderfully
complex looking pattern …

… but she said it is much easier once the edge is done!

Victoria is an adventurous stitcher, and is currently
learning smocking  on a dress for her baby granddaughter.
We think she has the hang of it.

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Made by Fairholme quilters

With a full calendar of quilt shows returning this year, we will not run out of inspiration for our own quilt making any time soon ….

Denise has made a dolly’s quilt from her 1930’s
prints, for her little granddaughter …

… with a very bright patchwork-y backing.

There were five in the bed … made by Robin

Elaine W had started this one some time ago,
and it became a pandemic finish …

… with outline hand quilting around the appliqué shapes …

… and a beautifully complimentary backing.

Janet’s second ‘Colour Me’ quilt (designed by
Emily Herrick) is for her teacher daughter to hang
in the reading corner of  her Year 3 classroom.


Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Listen, read, view

Australia Wide Eight

The online gallery of the latest Australia Wide exhibition of art quilts from OzQuilt Network: 

The history of fabric is interwoven with the story of humanity, from the sackcloth shirts that tore open the skin of pious medieval saints to cotton’s connections to colonisation and the Industrial Revolution. Rhiannon Davies spoke to Victoria Finlay to unravel these complex stories. 

Victoria Finlay is the author of Fabric: The Hidden History of the Material World (Profile Books, 2021

Inspired by the Middle East, created in Canberra and on display in Wagga: the art of Jenny Bowker
What he wanted to add to the exhibition was a large, hand-made quilt. A piece of art like no other and as it fitted like a glove with the exhibition’s theme, it was in. The feared conflict of interest? The quilt, Jerusalem, Old City Map, was made by his mother, acclaimed Canberra textile artist, teacher, blogger and world traveller Jenny Bowker AO …. Sally Hopman, Riotact, 27 May 2022

Over time, we realise certain friendships are rare – and very, very precious

My oldest friend sent me a gift for my birthday. It looked like a rug, folded and rolled and tied with a muted green ribbon. When I undid the ribbon and rolled out the material, I saw that it was a handmade patchwork quilt … Melissa Coburn, Sydney Morning Herald, 29 May 2022