Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Summer School at the Embroiderers' Guild of NSW

We know that many quilters are also not-so-secret embroiderers - here is a great opportunity to exercise those creative muscles.

Once again, the Embroiderers' Guild of NSW is offering a wide range of classes during Summer School 2017, starting from 7 January 2017.

Check out the other busy calendar of events and workshops and courses listed under the tabs on the left hand side of the Guild's home page - so much going on!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Modern Quilt Show Australia: Glebe (Sydney)

Glebe Town Hall, Sydney
Entries open 1 October, 2016

Workshop tutors: Anna Maria Horner and Carolyn Friedlander

Class details and online registration now available at Material Obsession website 
(register and pay via 'Classroom' tab)

Information about categories, judging, entries

Modern Quilt Show Australia on Facebook

Thursday, August 25, 2016

This week at Fairholme

Colour was the order of the day ...
Susan chose earthy tones prints and added some light values
and a touch of green for a warm disappearing nine patch for
the community collection
Nerida made this simply constructed beauty for her niece
who is turning 18, with input from her own 18 year old.
Helen got her improv on, highlighting the colours of the
quirky bird print in wonky pieces and  flying geese,
for this community quilt.

The hot pink hippo in the animal print centre squares (a 1995
fabric, found in the community stash) demanded bright
surrounds in Jill's community quilt.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Technology meets quilting: Laura Kemshall on her Festival of Quilts winning quilt

Laura Kemshall's epic quilt 52 Degrees won the UK Quilters Guild Challenge at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham last weekend. It is difficult to appreciate online because of its size, and the curvature of its display stand, and the complex techniques used that do translate easily to online images.

Fortunately for those of us who may not ever get to see it 'in the cloth',  Laura Kemshall has posted a detailed blog revealing how she went about achieving this innovative and stunning piece of work. It's a lot to take in, but well worth the time to do so.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Quilts for home and others

This week at Fairholme ...

Pam has finished another large quilt top, that we pin-basted
last week - she says hand quilting will begin any day now ...
lots of lovely aboriginal design prints from Central Australia
and elsewhere.

Diana is multi-skilled - she embroidered
the medallions for her wall hanging ...
... and machine appliqued the flowers to this navy background
fabric that was then stretched over a frame to hang above her
bed. The same doona cover (yes, she bought two) is on the
bed, and inspired the applique.
Tree of Life - one of Julie's two entries in the 
Sydney Quilt Show - it was good to see it up very close, 
and to be able to touch it! Note the borders of 
The Strawberry Thief print.
(Adapted from Morning Glory, designed by Michele Hill, borders adapted by Julie. 
Machine quilted by Sue Olma, So She Quilts)
Several months ago Fran cut a big stack of 3" squares from
our community stash fabrics - Lynette has just finished the
first of several quilts that can be made from them!
Note that the centre is two squares sewn together
to give it a rectangular shape.
Julie made a quilt top from sheeting samples in the community
stash, and then made the backing from the same samples -
we convinced her that she had actually made two tops (we're
helpful like that). She felt the large white squares were
a little stark, so apppliqued the floral shapes. Backings for
both tops were found in the community stash. Jo-Ann hand-
sewed the binding down at our community sewing day last week.
The first top is nearly finished too.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Community sewing Saturday

We held our second annual Saturday community sewing day this month, so that those who can't make Thursdays could join us. We sewed, talked, had lunch and sewed and sewed. There were many more quilts than are pictured here, but we were too busy sewing to take more.

Lots of sewing happened as nearly everyone brought unfinished
 projects to work on
Lots of advice was available - should the irises face in, or out?
Things are not always as they seem. And that pretty plaid at
the left will be the backing.
This quilt used to be sheeting samples.
A panel was bordered, and bordered again until it was
big enough for a child's quilt
Trial layout for some bright spotty blocks that will have 
bright spotty setting triangles.
We dined well on soup, bread, cheese, olives and cake.
Thank you to all who came and sewed, cut, pinned, ironed and advised, and brought delicious food to share - it was a very pleasant way to spend a winter Saturday.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Festival of Quilts 2016 - Birmingham, UK

Not only is August a big month for quilt shows here, the UK Festival of Quilts is on in Birmingham from yesterday until Sunday. You can follow the show, that includes displays of more than 700 quilts via Instagram and Facebook using #festivalofquilts2016 and @twistedthread.

The list of winners is posted here (no images yet). Festival of Quilts on Facebook.

UK blog Charm About You, already has a nice collection of show favourites here.

Added 17/08/2016:

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Canberra Quilters award winners

Canberra Quilters exhibition to mark their 40th year, and the Canberra Craft and Quilt Fair opened today and continues until Sunday 14 August.

Images of the award winners are posted here photographed by Catherine Leedon. Lots of loveliness to look at.

On Instagram/Facebook/Twitter you'll find many more with #canberraquilters and #canberramqg Canberra Quilters are also on Facebook, and Canberra Modern Quilt Guild's Facebook page is here.

Added 14/08/2016:
Punch with Judy has posted some excellent detail images of the Bernina Best of Show quilt, Beaumont by Bronwyn Hill.

A little quilting history in photos

Quilting In The Last Years Of The Great Depression (18 Photos)
Old Photo Archive
During the Great Depression, sewing materials were conserved for clothing and repair; however, toward the end of the Depression, quilters brought out their tools and un-used squares and got to work. Quilting has always been used to pass on family stories and memories, but it also has a long tradition of being tied to acts of kindness and charity. After years of tattered clothing and poverty, those still down on their luck got great happiness and comfort out of receiving a new quilt.

We wanted to share a few photos of quilters at work from 1936-1941 ...

Monday, August 8, 2016

Catching up with show and tell ...

Winter days and evenings have seen smaller numbers able to attend meetings, but the work goes on. Here is some of what we have been working on and finishing over the last two weeks:

Yvette has finished her large hand appliqued quilt top,
and plans to hand quilt it ...
... her blanket stitch is so finely wrought, you can't see it in this
close-up. Absolutely beautiful and beautifully done, Yvette.
Nerida also likes to make large quilts - she used some strip
packs from the craft stall at our April Quilt Show to make
this elegantly simple quilt ...
... and backed it with a popular Tula Pink wide-back print, Flight.
Lyn has made a lot of quilt over the years, and has a robust scrap
collection. She has tamed a little of it with her disappearing 9 patch top.
Jo-Ann cut some squares from the community stash that Jill
supplemented with some her scraps for this simple patchwork
quilt. there is a little it of a pirate theme.
Julie has very carefully finished her fantasy dragon wall-hanging
- the dragons are machine embroidered and had to be closely
cut before being appliqued on with a steady hand. The castle
flag poles and the dragon's eyes are embellished with
beads, some gifted by Peggy from her extenisve collection.
Gold thread also features. From a pattern by Eileen Campbell.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

QuiltNSW workshop at Epping

30 October and Sunday 13 November 2016
Epping Creative Centre

$130 for members $200 non-members

Participants will also need to purchase a kit which includes acrylic templates, laser cut freezer paper templates, a colour print of the pattern and full size template print out. This is a special price for QuiltNSW members and a photo is provided.