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Last updated 24 June 2020

This page lists links to particular quilting techniques and resources - 'pages' stay at the top of the blog to give easy and continual access. Suggestions for  useful links are welcome.

Hand Sewing Needle Size Guide - Type, Length
John James Needles (UK)
A comprehensive guide to hand sewing needles, free to download, images are at actual size when printed at A4.

Calculators and charts for cutting setting triangles and corner triangles for on-point quilts
Setting Triangles for an On-Point Quilts
Learn how to calculate the size you need or simply use the free cutting chart!
by Julie Baird, Generations Quilt Patterns.

Use this chart to determine the correct size to cut side and corner setting triangles and setting squares based on the size of your finished block (the block size without seam allowances). Allpeoplequilt.com

Bonnie K Hunters 'On Point Math' gives a method for calculating setting triangles for on-point lay-outs.

Burying quilting thread ends easily
This short video demonstrates am very nifty method for burying thread ends, including quite short ones:

Quilt as you go techniques
Anne Deister, who writes the Spingleaf Studios blog, has written a generous series of posts on various quilt-as-you-go techniques that might get you started. The series covers 5 ways of piecing and quilting block-by-block, and a summary of the five.

Is there a 'right' side to quilt batting?
Batting seems pretty straightforward ... so what else could there possibly be to talk about? We need to talk about the sides of batting, and how to make sure we stay on its good side ...  Is there a right side to quilt batting? Suzy Quilts, 20 December 2018

Diagonal quilt backing calculator
This page shows a method of making a quilt backing wider than a single fabric width with less fabric, and fewer seams than standard methods.

Attaching a hanging sleeve to a quilt

3-D bow tie block:
  • Video tutorial - on Gourmet Quilter, posted 10 February 2013
  • Photo tutorial - on Delaware Quilts, updated February 2012. Includes a variation with stitched down curves.
Double Disappearing 9 patch block tutorial

Continuous binding without bulges - Brenda Smith's tutorial includes a clear explanation of an easy method for joining the ends of a continuous binding, from her website: Serendipity and the Art of the Quilt.

Red Pepper Quilts tutorial on machine sewn binding.

No waste method for making flying geese units - a free online tutorial from Bloomin' Workshop.

Potato chip (or 1600) quilt tutorial by Kay Sorenson, Quilts+ Color

Disappearing 9 patch - two of the many online tutorials for this popular block

Disappearing 4 patch - SewWonderful's online tutorial

Dawn Lesley Stewart's free quilting clip art - several pages of images to download without charge, and a lengthy list of suggestions for how you might use them,

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