Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fairholme Quilters Exhibition 2012 (14): for family

We do make quilts for family members other than grandchildren ...

My introduction to patchworking resulted in some of these blocks 24 years ago when my youngest daughter was 8 years old. It became an UFO for many years then resurfaced as a challenge for me to complete. Mission accomplished! Made with love for my little girl, now 32 with two little boys of her own.
Elaine Bright

In 2010 I decided to make quilts for all my family for Christmas only using fabric from my stash.
This is my daughters quilt from a design in Carrie Nelson’s book Schnibbles Times Two.
Quilted by Donna Warren at Get it Quilted.
Lynette Harvey

Monday, August 27, 2012

Fairholme Quilters Exhibition 2012 (13): Pictorial quilts

I wanted to tackle something that challenged me and at the same time to learn foundation piecing. Margaret Cormack taught me how to do foundation piecing and trapunto. Many thanks to Lyn Lang, one of our members, for the idea of trapunto for the horse’s body.
Designed by Stephen Seifert, Quilts with Style magazine, Issues 43 and 44
Susan McMahon

I bought this pattern from Dragon Fly quilt shop in Darwin and decided that a foundation challenge was awaiting me. I was pleased with the result. I machine quilted it myself.
Marijke Arrowsmith

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Big print!

Remember these 'quilts in the snow?  

Here's how they might be made in sand.

Imagine printing metres and metres of fabric with that roller!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

World Quilt Show winners

The winners of this international  quilting event (held in New Hampshire, US, last week) have just been posted online: World Quilt Show – New England X 2012 World Quilt Competition XVI.

Several Australian and New Zealand quilters are amongst the winners in international categories, including Julie Haddrick who was awarded first prize in the innovative category, and Margaret McDonald and Susan Campbell who won the Best Machine Workmanship: Traditional category.  Linda Steele won Best of Country: Australia. 

Congratulations to all the winners - these quilts are stunning.

Fairholme Quilters Exhibition 2012 (12): Geometry

There can be a lot of maths (calculations, measurements, geometry) in quilt making, and sometimes, a little subterfuge. Is the shape you think you see, the shape the quiltmaker actually used?

This quilt was made from a kit including a jelly roll of red, white and black. This is my interpretation of the original pattern purchased at a quilt show. Custom quilting by Michele Turner of Pinetree Cottage Quilting.
Marilyn Abbey

Designed by Brenda Henning in her book ‘Strip Therapy 2’ made with a ‘Bali Pop’ and a Kiwiberry roll.
I needed to make a quilt to feature the fabulous border batik fabric from Tulis in New Zealand. Machine pieced. Machine quilted by Jo-Ann Phillips.
Georgie Patrickson

I made this quilt for my daughter Hannah's 21st Birthday. It is a double sided quilt made with much love.
The front is made using a jelly roll and a contrasting fabric. The back is a gorgeous contemporary Japanese
fabric. I hand quilted the quilt in a free wave motion to compliment the quilt pattern stripes using a variety of
pearl cotton coloured threads. Inspiration for this quilt was found on the Quiltspluscolor blog.
Miriam Jones

This quilt began life at an X-block workshop a couple of years ago. After much anguish over borders and
backing, I utilized much of the leftover fabric from the quilt top to make a more interesting backing. I then
chose to hand quilt it, taking several months more to finish. When I finally completed the quilting, I was
indeed X-static.
Pamela Farley

Monday, August 20, 2012

Fairholme Quilters Exhibition 2012 (11): Asian influences

I love the patterns created by stitching and folding fabric Shibori style. Indigo dye is used in these fabrics
from China. The dye still makes my hands blue though washed many times! The lighter blue fabrics are my
own, the result of indigo dyeing workshops. This simple lap quilt pattern by Julie Wallace allows the
designs to show.
The backing is a surprise. Fabric purchased in Nigeria by my daughter, makes this a double sided quilt!
Machine quilted by Thimblelady, Thornleigh.
Margaret Weir

The tessellating ‘T’ block is traditional – they reminded me of simply drawn kimonos, so I chose to  hand-piece them using Japanese fabrics, without using a pattern. Sashing and borders were added and quilted by machine. The blocks are hand-quilted. This quilt is put to constant use, and generally lives on the back of our living room sofa, for which it is a good size.
Jill O’Connor

This quilt was commenced during a workshop presented by Yoko Okamato in February 2010. The
workshop at Quilters Barn, Lock Victoria, was conducted in conjunction with their annual quilt hanging.
During the workshop we learned how to use hand appliquéd bias strips to make the arcs in a traditional
wedding ring pattern – a technique requiring an understanding of geometry and made more difficult because
written instructions were in Japanese and the presenter worked through an interpreter. Workshop
participants shared interpretations of illustrations and applied intuitive ‘guesswork’ to successfully complete
their quilts.
Hand appliquéd, machine pieced and machine quilted.
Elaine Walton

Fairholme Quilters Exhibition 2012 (10): quilts can be any shape ...

As soon as I saw this bag I knew I had to make it. Pattern from a Japanese publication ‘Square Patchwork’
No 2328 by Boutique-sha.
Noelle Sona

Friday, August 17, 2012

Fabric sale: Quiltsmith

Quiltsmith, at Annandale is having a sale:

$9.00 PER METER,  0.5m MINIMUM
The cardboard boxes are too full so we are clearing them out.

Saturday 18 August until Saturday 1 September

These are in-store sales and are not on the Quiltsmith website.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Quilters Newsletter TV

A few weeks ago, Quilters Newsletter added a new section to the magazine's website -  Quilters Newsletter TV, a series of videos on various quilt related topics, including interviews and demonstrations with well-known quilters, aired weekly, and archived on the site for free viewing.

You can also access 'web extras' referred to in the print magazine, such as block and quilt patterns, and some articles, and the Quilters Newsletter blog - all from the menus at the top of the page.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Photos from two recent quilt shows

Hunters Hill Quilters
Material Obsession was a major sponsor of the Hunters Hill Quilters Exhibition last weekend, and Kathy Doughty has posted photos of some of the quilts, including best in show, in her blog.

Canberra Quilters
Ian Warden reported on the Canberra Quilters Exhibition in The Canberra Times on Saturday, and posted a gallery of 12 photos taken during his visit.

Bernina Australia has posted photos of the major prizewinners at the Canberra Quilters Exhibition in their Facebook albums.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Fairholme Quilters Exhibition 2012 (9):saturated colour

A holiday project started when the temperature was hovering around 40°. I challenged myself to use only fabrics from my stash. The quilt was hand-pieced at group meetings.
Val Nadin

Evan and I celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary in 2011, and this quilt was my present to Evan. It is a joyous bright quilt, made using ‘Hidden Nine Patches’. I used all my favourite fabrics, and as I made the patches the colours took centre stage, leading me to arrange them in a wash of colour waves that reminded me of the sunshine that pours through our window every morning. Beautifully quilted by Jo-Ann Phillips of Quiltwise.
Miriam Jones

The quilt was made for my daughter to celebrate her graduation from university. The design was inspired by a pattern in an AP&Q Magazine. Machine quilted by Jo-Ann Phillips, Quiltwise.
Roslyn Pullen

Taken from a design in ‘Quilts with Style’ 2006. In the Peace Park in Hiroshima, Japan, thousands of rainbow coloured folded paper cranes are draped over the memorial to the children who died as a result of the bombing there. A little girl, Sadako Sasaki – through her desire for peace, made 1000 folded paper peace cranes and to this day children still make these cranes stacking them in long chains. Foundation pieced and machine quilted.
Georgie Patrickson