Saturday, December 31, 2011

Play isn’t just for children

Alfie Kohn's essay for The Big Think (3rd December 2011) on children and play is not about quilting, but this paragraph easily could be ... not that we need justify what we do, of course!

Play isn’t just for children. The idea of play is closely related to imagination, inventiveness, and that state of deep absorption that Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi dubbed “flow.” Read virtually any account of creativity, in the humanities or the sciences, and you’ll find mentions of the relevance of daydreaming, fooling around with possibilities, looking at one thing and seeing another, embracing the joy of pure discovery, asking “What if….?” The argument here isn’t just that we need to let little kids play so they’ll be creative when they’re older, but that play, or something quite close to it, should be part of a teenager’s or adult’s life, too.[4]

Friday, December 30, 2011

Egyptian Tentmaker as historian

If you enjoyed this post about the tentmakers of Cairo, you might also be interested in this recent post from Jenny Bowker, telling the story of an unusually political piece very recently completed, and its sale to The Oriental Museum at the University of Durham (UK), where it will have a wide audience and protection.

In the tradition of the Bayeux Tapestry (link to Wikipedia entry includes an image of its full length) and other histories told through textiles?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Celebrate Hand Quilting: a new(ish) blog

As a complement to the modern Christmas tree quilts flagged here, Celebrate Hand Quilting has recently posted some more traditional Christmas quilts, including a very fine Christmas Baltimore.

This relatively new blog (dates from mid-November 2011) explores all aspects of hand quilting, across a range of quilt styles. An invitation to participate is open.  At least a couple of Australian contributors are listed already.

A static link is now added to the blogroll (right hand column).

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Country Pickin's: Boxing Day sale

Country Pickin's at the Corner (at Dural) is having a Boxing Day Sale from Wednesday 28th  to Saturday 31st December.

Opening hours during the sale period:

Wednesday 28th December 9-30am—5pm

Thursday 29th December 9-30am—5pm

Friday 30th December 9-30am—5pm

Saturday 31st December 9am—4pm

(closed Sunday 1st and Monday 2nd January, regular business hours resume Tuesday 3rd)

30% off all bolted fabric and fat quarters.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Modern Christmas tree quilts

Here are some Christmas tree quilts, in a modern style, just to enjoy looking at for now ... it's a bit late to start making one for this year!

Nettaquilts Christmas Tree (FITF = Film in the Fridge, the well known blog of a modern quilter) 

Christmas cushion by Elsie's Girl (could easily be translated into a quilt ...)

EschHouse quilt appliqued Christmas tree

Moda Bake Shop Christmas Tree Quilt (the wondrously versatile half-square triangle ...)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Basting a quilt on a small(ish) surface

Access to large trestle tables (and the assistance of willing friends) for pin or thread-basting quilts is a great perk of belonging to Fairholme Quilters ... but do you struggle to layer and secure your quilts that just have to managed at home?  Maybe this blog will help:

MG Quilts posted this useful picture-tutorial a few weeks ago, showing an ingenious set-up for table-basting quilts at home without access to a large table, and without damaging a tabletop with basting pins or needles.  Beats kneeling on the floor and crawling (and trying to get up again ...)!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tentmakers of Cairo - interview and demonstration

Bonnie McCaffrey interviews Jenny Bowker and two of the Cairo tentmakers whose exhibition and sale of work Jenny organised at the Birmingham Quilt Festival earier this year.  Includes some footage of the men demonstrating their applique techniques, and lots of examples of the beautiful work.  Jenny gives valuable background information.  14 m 6 sec video.

You Tube link in case you have any difficulty with the embedded video.

(Thanks to Lisa Walton for the link)

A finish

Pam made her spicy X block top 2 years ago ...

... pieced a coordinating back, and has been carefully hand-quilting it. And on Tuesday evening this week, it was finished. The borders are constructed from the off cuts of the x-blocks.
Congratulations Pam - it's a beauty.

Earlier posts on X block quilts are here and here.