Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fairholme Quilters

This blog will provide news, notices about our activities and events such as exhibitions, photos and information for Fairholme Quilters. It is another way to keep members up to date, give you information at short notice, keep in touch while you are away (many Fairholme members are inveterate travellers!), or unable to attend regular meetings for any reason, to ask questions, and to showcase your quilts.

If you subscribe through the link in the right hand column, you will receive an email alert whenever a new entry is added to the blog.

Fairholme members are welcome to submit photos and text for blog entries by emailing the editor at But do remember that the editor is a volunteer and might not be able to respond to requests instantly.

To help develop the blog, let us know which other blogs you suggest for the Blogroll (list of "must reads"); and your favourite quilt related links.

So let's blog, and see how we go.