Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The X block files ......

This simply elegant quilt top was made by Dina from strip sets sewn from just three coordinating fabrics, cross-cut into squares - it has no angled seams.

Using the same technique, Lynette's black and white strip sets became these blocks (displayed on a design wall consisting of the underside of a flannel-backed vinyl tablecloth):

And Pam's tan and cream blocks (note there are two sets) became the complex woven design below:

How can this be?

On Tuesday evening, Dina showed us how to use an X-block ruler:

Bev produced these classic blue and yellow combinations, and is deciding which way she wants the lines to run in the finished quilt.

Marijke chose pretty pink and cream:

Heather made a variation, with a narrow centre strip in earthy tones:

And Noelle began with true nine patches, with a subtle pattern in the centre, and a jade "zinger". The blocks are set in the same arrangement as Lynette's black and whites above, and Dina's finished top (first picture):

Very intriguing .......

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