Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cut-out Magic workshop with Lisa Walton

Lisa is an award winning quilter and textile artist, maker and seller of hand dyed fabric and beads, and a very popular tutor. Her Sydney-based business is Dyed and Gone to Heaven, and her blog is Fibre Inspirations (both are now linked permanently in the right hand column)

Fifteen of us from both Monday and Tuesday groups had a fabulous day with Lisa yesterday, doing her Cut-out Magic workshop - we learned a lot, worked hard, produced the beginnings of some fabulous quilts, and really enjoyed the day. Thoroughly recommended. Lisa teaches all over Australia, and internationally, so we were lucky to have her for her very last workshop of what has been a busy year.

She has invited us to her first ever Studio Sale in Sydney, 28th-29th November - see the announcement on Fibre Inspirations for details.

We weren't quite sure how we we were going to produce anything like Lisa's samples in just one workshop!

Jane did such diligent cutting-out that she killed her scissors .....

.... and a few fingers seemed to have very close encounters with the craft irons!

We were delighted to have our youngest member, Elle, with us - she's very interested in design, as you can see from her work below.

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