Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Shopping Day

Thanks to Lynette Harvey and to Prymer Tours for another fun and productive day of shopping on Saturday 2nd May. We stopped first at Quilt Essentials in New Lambton (conveniently located next door to a fabulous cafe, and the girls provided tea, coffee and delicious morsels at the shop as well); then headed back south to Patchwork and Coffee on Main in Boolaroo (where the cafe is actually in the fabric shop!); then on to Blueberries at Wyong (where the girls also kindly provided tea, coffee and cake).

It might sound like just a fun day of shopping, eating and hanging out with friends, but it's a bit more demanding than that. We had lots of exercise, getting on and off the bus, walking the shops' aisles, hauling bolts of fabric, side bends and neck rotations to inspect fabrics, weight lifting our purchases ...... and we used our brains - doing maths (geometry, probability, addition, subtraction, time keeping, economics); geography (finding our way around Patchwork on Main); literacy (finding the right books, studying patterns); and of course we did a little practice of our oral communication skills .... no wonder we were tired by the time we got home!

Here are just a few random photos - you can see that we are doing our bit to stimulate the local economy.

And which cool Fairholme Quilter wore her glow in the dark joggers?

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