Sunday, July 19, 2009

An energetic, talented young quilter .....

So you think you're busy? Take a look at the many stunning quilts at Sampaguita Quilts, a blog, belonging to Emma from South Australia, the young mother of two little children, who works part-time, quilts for herself and others, and then finds time to blog about it! At least two of her quilts have been published as projects in magazines - there will be more.

Emma is a prolific quilter and she's a ferocious fabric shopper.
This entry marks the arrival of her stash at 1 km of fabric - i.e. one thousand metres in the stash now, not counting all the fabric that has been pieced, appliqued and quilted!

She designs her own quilts, quilts them herself and takes the time to record them. She also shares regular photos of her children. Leaves you breathless, but the future of quilting would appear to be in good hands.


  1. Hi, I found this by following links people have taken to my blog, and am tickled pink! Thank you!

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  3. Sorry spelling errors ...or typing errors

    Emma is a wonderful quilter and not often enough featured for my liking thanks for doing this post about her prolific talent