Friday, February 5, 2010

Janet's second crazy hearts in a log cabin quilt has a braid border, and she has nearly finished the quilting.

Jane put her wedge ruler to work again, to produce this spectacular butterfly. Isn't the main wing fabric gorgeous?

Jane's card trick , whose blocks are cut from a single striped fabric, was quilted by Dina for Jane's birthday.

Jill's daughter Emma presented her with a box of lovely fabrics for Christmas (there were two striped fabrics too, that didn't make it into the photo).

One of Helen's favourite things are cats - these are for the Tuesday night "Our favourite things" quilt".

Lousie quilted Elle's Cut-Out Magic from the Lisa Walton workshop in November.

Dina tried her hand at chenille ......

..... and a second circular quilt with the wedge ruler, using more high-contrast fabrics, which reveal the pattern of a star or flower.

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