Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tuesday night catch-up

(Thanks to Noelle for these photos that have spent too many weeks in the file.)

Every other year, Dina visits the US to visit family, especially her sister and fellow-quilter, Cindy.  She always comes back with new fabric, patterns and quilt tops she and Cindy have made during their travels. Here are some from her most recent trip, during which they took in the renowned quilt show at Paducah, Kentucky

A deceptively simple block makes this quilt top full of movement.

Dina saw a 3D Shadow Box quilt made from this pattern at Paducah.  She liked it, she bought the pattern and fabric,  and she made it!

The construction of this quilt is more complex - the sophisticated neutrals make way for the engineering.

Back to the files to find last Tuesday's photos ....

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