Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Slow burners ...

Life in the slower lane has much to recommend it. 
These community quilts have been slowly developing to their full maturity ...

The garden version of our 2008 fabric challenge has been the work of many hands, and will now go to its home through one of our community quilts recipients. Some close ups of blocks in this quilt can be seen here. Its companion piece, the beach quilt was donated to the Far West Centre at Manly.

The four quilts below have been made over the last year, again by many hands, for Down Syndrome NSW, where they will be used in several of its programs for babies born with Down syndrome, and to make their families feel at home. 
Each one measures about 45" square.  They will be handed over to their new owners next week, where they will be used and washed often, and much appreciated.

The origins of this collection are described in this post.

Thanks to everyone who works on all our community quilts, donates fabric, and encourages our efforts.

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  1. Quilters never cease to amaze me with their incredible generosity. These quilts are so bright and colorful. They'll surely be enjoyed and loved. Way to go ladies!