Thursday, January 5, 2012

Free Motion Quilting 'Quilt Along'

Leah Day reached her goal of 365 days of free motion filler designs recently (see the link in our blogroll - right hand column).  Her blog series has been hugely popular around the world.  What will she do next?

Well, this week she has started a new series of blog posts that promises to be really useful for those of us still developing our free motion technique - a 'quilt along'  that provides virtual lessons, breaking free motion quilting into small steps, with strategies for practising and incorporating them into quilts. New posts will be published weekly.

Leah uses close-up video, static images, diagrams and very clear explanations.

Quilt Along #1 - Let's Wiggle! starts here.

Fabulous for beginners, for anyone not able to get to classes, or to augment your practice sessions in your own time.

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