Monday, March 11, 2013

Fairholme recent show and tell

These star blocks were made by various group members a couple of years ago  - Lynette has found an excellent sashing fabric (tiny multi-coloured spots on a white background) to tie them together in a quilt that will be donated to a child in need, just as soon as that binding sews itself down.

Janice's second 'power stripped' quilt following on from our workshop late last year with Brenda Gael Smith from Serendipity Patchwork and Quilting.  The design is 'Tapestry'. Janice decided on that fabulous border, by selecting images of fabrics, and her husband doing something magic with them in Photoshop, so she could compare - he's a keeper.
Dawn's beautiful Baltimore - how many hours of work, and how much skill went into all that applique? A lot!

Dawn might have made her disappearing 4-patch as light relief after the Baltimore, but it's nearly as big. The 4-patches don't really disappear - they just realign in several different configurations.

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