Thursday, May 16, 2013

Community sewing day, 16th May 2013

Nine quilters took part in our monthly community sewing day for May, and a very productive day it was.  We have a number of quilts 'in progress' which progressed considerably today. We also had the opportunity to check out the stash fabrics recently acquired in a sale - great choices that we all look forward to using.

Here are just a few photos - we worked on several other quilts today (machine sewing tops and backings, pin basting, labelling, binding, piecing), but the photographer was a bit distracted, and didn't catch them all ... we missed you Sue! They might appear next time. We're going to concentrate on finishes over the next few weeks, before we start anything new (never heard that before!) ...

This bright and beautiful marine quilt top was made by Robin. The body of each fish is a bright spot, with very well chosen complimentary and contrasting fabrics for other fish-parts. The off-set flying geese are a clever suggestion of ocean waves.  When completed, it will be donated to a local community group that plan to use it for fundraising.  It was pin basted today, and will be quilted and bound ready for donation by the end of June.

Dawn (one of our most industrious members), pieced this top from recently donated fabrics, with solid sashing from the community stash.

This pretty quilt was already finished, and just needed its label attached today, by Barbara.  The half-square triangle units were pieced by many members, put together and quilted by Lynette, then bound by Louise ... an excellent group effort.

Lynette chose a pretty floral backing form the community stash.
Improvised cobblestones quilt-top made by Jill was one of several tops pin-basted today. The only measuring was to trim the blocks to a uniform final size. Mostly community stash fabrics, highlighted by the final black and white borders. Pat pieced a striking graphic backing for it today.

Thanks to everyone who worked on these quilts at various stages, and all the others we 'progressed' today.

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