Saturday, June 29, 2013

Spicing up the disappearing nine-patch

Apparently not new, but maybe new to many of us, is this variation on the versatile disappearing nine-patch block. The double disappearing nine-patch moves it up a notch in apparent complexity, while still being much simpler to piece than it looks at first glance.

Christina Cameli gives a very clear tutorial for cutting and piecing, and a few variations of the many possible layouts in this 2011 post on her blog A Few Scraps.

Here is an example of just one double disappearing nine patch block, made from Christina's tutorial, that is on its way to being a quilt top for the Fairholme community project.

The pieces for the first 9 patch block were cut 5" square, those for the second 9 patch were 7" square, and the finished block is 19 1/2" square.

12 of these blocks in a 3 x 4 layout will make a 57" x 76' quilt  plus any borders added.
6 blocks laid out 2 x 3 will make a quilt 38" x 57" plus any borders added.

Excellent for using scraps and small amounts of fabrics that play nicely together, and quick to make if necessary.

Added 31st August 2015:

Here is the finished quilt, made up of four double disappearing 9 patch blocks, each with an additional narrow background strip in the centre, both vertically and horizontally, and repeated between the blocks in both directions, making the quilt a little larger. It finished at 54" square ...

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