Friday, July 26, 2013

Community quilts, July

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Fun and fish - expertly pieced by Robin W from her stash of brights, spots, and aquamarine, Christy Wang's long-arm quilting (Quilting Treasuers), brings it even more alive. You could swim through those clever little waves - both the pieced and quilted ones.
Dawn quickly realised that her discovery of the 3 D bow-tie block (see her first one here) would be a solution to her problem of 'what to do' with some tricky fabrics from our community stash.
These novelty print squares have been brought together nicely by Dawn - they were given to us by the Quilters Guild of NSW, to make into children's quilts for donation back to community causes - ours go to foster children.
Jill decided on improvised piecing to maximise the use of a small length of the print fabric, surrounded by scraps from the community stash and then alternating white-on-black and black-on-white borders. It was her first serious attempt at free motion quilting - it was good practice ...

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