Thursday, October 31, 2013

Community quilting

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In their book Spectacular Scraps,  Australian quilters Judy Hooworth and Margaret Rolfe lay claim to 256 layout variations using half-square triangle blocks only.  There are probably more, but this lightening bolt or zig-zag is one of the most graphic.  Lynette quietly gathered a collection of light and dark blue fabrics from our community stash (with a few supplements from her own - rumour has it that she has some blue fabrics ...) cut 6 1/2 squares in pairs, to produce this beauty.  Lynette quilted it with a straight zig-zag echoing the piecing,  1" apart. It is bound, of course, in blue. There are at least 21 different blue prints - the counting became a little unreliable after that. 

Dawn does wonders with fabric strips - either cut-for-purpose or using
every little bit of scrap fabric that stitches can hold together.
The fabric's Dawn has chosen for this staggered stacks design give it an earthy, masculine air.
Now, how will she quilt it and bind it?

A very pink dazzler from the Serendipity Circles workshop.
Georgie donated the brighter pink fabric from her dressmaking days
... and then she used it herself after the workshop, marrying it up perfectly
with a multi-pink spot and plain whites from the community stash ...
Those smaller scale circles helped to use up every bit of fabric and
added depth to the design.

There was one block left over from the top, which lead to a fun, funky reverse.

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