Sunday, January 19, 2014

The African Fabric Shop

Here's another treat on the web - Fairholme Quilters is still on summer break, and it seriously too hot to quilt, or even sew, unless you can do it lying on a couch in front of  a powerful fan, under an air conditioner, or in a swimming pool, so it will be a while before you see new quilts from us ...

You wouldn't expect to find The African Fabric Shop in West Yorkshire, and you actually won't - it's a virtual fair-trade business, but West Yorkshire is its administrative headquarters.  The interesting story of how the shop came to be, owner Maggie Relph's background, current activities (including support for a clinic in The Gambia) and, of course, its stock of African fabric and other textile related  products, can all be found on The African Fabric Shop website.

Make sure you check our the gallery of Maggie's marvellous quilts, and her invitation to visit , should you happen to be looking for African fabric in West Yorkshire.

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