Saturday, March 15, 2014

Also at Fairholme this week ... the plaid project!

Some months ago, Helen-from-Tuesday-night donated
this basket to community quilts - it was filled with one
quilt top (bottom photo), and a good deal of plaid fabric, that she
originally collected for a plan that had stalled for
various reasons. 

This week, the indefatigable Dawn returned it, filled with ...

... one three dimensional double bow-tie quilt ...
... one more log cabin quilt ...

... two versions of this six-patch ...

... and one gorgeous strip quilt. 
All supplemented with cream fabrics from Dawn's own stash. 
All quilted and bound.

We had found backing and binding fabrics for all of them in our community stash ... but Dawn did all the work. Helen was delighted to see these five this week, and was so pleased that she had not discarded the stalled project altogether.

Many months ago, Dawn quilted and bound Helen's
finished top, and it was donated to a community group.
So thank you to both Helen and Dawn for this wonderful gift of six quilts!
(And we get to keep the basket!)

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