Friday, May 16, 2014

Craft in America: Joe Cunningham on Gees Bend quilts

Have you been intrigued about the now famous Gees Bend quilters and their quilts?  Perhaps you've seen some of them in an exhibition, seen photos?  

The first segment of this episode (XII) of Craft in America is presented by Joe Cunningham (Joe the Quilter) - he talks about the influence of Gees Bends quilts on his own work, and meets some of the quilters in Alabama.

The segment is about 16 minutes, and is followed by others on boat building, a textile crafting community in North Carolina, and an artisan jewellery maker in New York selling via Etsy ... if your interest in crafts extends beyond quilting, you might will need to set aside the whole hour.  Scroll down below the video frame, and you will find links to other episodes of this excellent PBS series on the hand made - there is at least one more quilter in there.

(Thanks to Brenda Gael Smith for passing on the link via Facebook).

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