Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Jolly Stars progress

We learned to use Marti Michwl's acrylic templates for precision cutting and machine piecing in our workshop with Catherine Butterworth in March (and an earlier progress post here). Each of us made (or made a start!) on one block during the workshop, so we are keeping an eye on progress as more blocks emerge from our sewing rooms, and secondary design elements are revealed:

Lyn was the only one who completely finished her first
block during the workshop, and will be the first to have a finished
quilt. It is now with Jo for machine quilting, before going home
to Lyn's great-nephew by special request.
Lyn's background fabric is a graphic black line on white
- a great choice.
Pat's first six blocks (she's actually up to eleven now).
She decided to introduce more varied fabrics than she
originally intended, and is happy with the results.
Jill's unpressed 13 block version - now contemplating a border
pieced with the templates, or a bold teal with a hint of orange
print? It started out to be just five blocks, but they looked as
though they were waiting for more to join them. 
The fussy-cut centre square of the centre block is an
'unplanned design element' resulting from a shortage of the
star-point fabric - but a different and or fussy cut centre would 

work for all the blocks, as Catherine demonstrated during the workshop.

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