Thursday, January 21, 2016

Easing into 2016

Some of us reconvened after our summer break this week, while others are still on holidays, recovering from holidays, looking after grandchildren or some of the many things other than quilting that keep us busy. It was good to meet up again, and catch up on all the news. There was even a little show and tell ...

Sue C didn't have to look far for blue fabrics to make a much
-appreciated Dr Who themed bag for her granddaughter ...
although some of these look suspiciously new ...
And the reverse - of course it is bigger than it looks ...
Susan M is making great progress with hand quilting
her whimsical farm quilt, after some lessons from Janice
- one of the perks of belonging to such a co-operative group.
Jill managed a finish in the first half of January - because the top
was made and basted in 2015. Scraps from a 2014 quilt.
Pam couldn't make it to our Christmas lunch,
but her Blanket of Love was done.
We're not sure of the number, but let's call this one the
sixth blue and white quilt that Lynette has made from
our community stash (and some of her own) over the
last couple of years. There are still blue fabrics in that
stash, so she might not be finished yet! 
Not only do we have generous members, but our friends
are generous too. Lynette's friend Chris made this top, including
some fabrics she actually bought from the craft stall at our
last Quilt Show, then donated to the community program.
Lynette quilted and bound it. Great use of a scrappy sashed
four patch. Thank you Chris, and Lynette.
The second 'Plaids Gone Wild' Dawn has made from
Suzy Myer's very versatile Batik's Gone Wild pattern - it is
much easier to make the blocks than they look, but deciding
on the layout can take time.
About three years ago, one of members donated a considerable
stash of plaid fabrics, which Down took on as a project.
This quite large disappearing 9 patch uses the last of that donation.
It is at least the seventh quilt made from the donated fabrics,
maybe the eighth (we forget to count).
Thank you Dawn and Helen for your generosity and persistence.
It's been a long break, and not everyone is back, so there will be more ...

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