Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy quilters and quilt owners

Two of the diversional therapists visited us on Monday morning to collect  a large bundle of quilts made for for residents of the Donald Coburn Centre, a local dementia care centre as part of our community quilts program.

Here are just some of the quilts, and some of the people who made them. We enjoyed hearing how much our quilts are appreciated, how they are chosen individually for each resident, and how they are cared for. We love making them, so it's win-win!

You might recall that we made the Stained Glass quilt for the Donald Coburn Centre in 2014. The room used for chapel services for residents who cannot go out to the on-site chapel has recently been renovated, and the quilt is now hanging on a dark coloured wall, where it glows. It won an award at the Sydney Quilt Show in 2015. You can read the story of the making of the quilt here. Thank for the new photo Dani.

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