Thursday, May 25, 2017

Community quilts for winter (1)

Quilts for winter distribution, collected together at last week's sewing day ...

Julie rather liked her first outing with hexagons a few months
ago, so she cut some more from 5 " squares and arranged
them on a stylish background from the community stash.

Several of these quilts have been made by Lynette and her friend
Chris in collaboration. There are many lovely Moda fabrics in this
one, pieced by Chris, quilted and bound by Lynette.
A lovely candy floss pink confection, pieced by Chris,
quilted and bound by Lynette
Exotic animals and birds, with the cutest elephant border,
pieced by Chris, quilted and bound by Lynette

Hillary found the four 'cheater' cloth panels deep in the community
stash, and matched them up with a floral sashing for a lap quilt.

Lynette has been mining the community stash blues for about
three years - this could be quilt #7 made from a very large pile
of 3" blue squares, complimented by crisp white from
Lynette's own stash.

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