Saturday, September 23, 2017

2017 end-of-year challenge - early progress

We've decided to run an open challenge to be revealed at our end of year event - some of us will share our progress along the way, to encourage others, and maybe pass on ideas about transforming the 'lost' blocks they have selected from members' contributions.

Of course we have found many unfinished projects, some almost entirely forgotten, as we have dug deep into our stashes for abandoned blocks, or partly or nearly finished quilts. So while we have more than enough to pass on to our fellow quilters to see what they make of them, the challenge has also prompted a flurry of finishing some of those treasures ourselves, as well ... win-win!

This little quilt sparked the idea for the challenge.
Jill found the six 4 " hour glass blocks tucked away 

from an earlier project, and gathered up some some 
scraps from her stash, and a pale blue fat quarter from 
the community stash. 
Elaine knew she had some bits and pieces left over from a
large quilt, but she was delighted to find that she had enough
for a smaller lap quilt, and that most of the blocks were already
made and packed away with enough fabric to finish it, including
borders. She likes it better than the original! She is also working
on a collection of red and white blocks for the group challenge.
Helen thought she would discard a small quilt top made from
eight red and navy log cabin blocks many years ago, but Jill 

chose it for her actual challenge quilt, and is remaking it by 
recutting the blocks for 6" half square triangles, adding some 
new slashed log cabins and some contemporary prints 
arranged in an asymmetric chevron. About a third of the half 
square triangles are joined together so far.
Pat selected a diverse collection of blocks from the challenge
pile, and has put them together beautifully. So far she has added
just one block of her own (the upper left hand corner), but we are
encouraging her to keep going, to make it larger, using her talent
for improvisational piecing (see here and here).
A finished appliqued block will make a fine centre for Julie's
medallion - she has chosen complimentary border fabrics
from the community stash.
Hilary auditioned blue border fabrics from the community stash.
Her herring bone quilt top started with the half square triangle
blocks with the yellow fabrics, and has grown with the addition
of new ones from Hilary's extensive stash.
Will Hilary bend to pressure to include a narrow
yellow/pink border?

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