Sunday, May 27, 2018

Community quilts

Our community quilt collection continues to grow - no sooner is one delivery made, but more are handed in, and the next one is organised, or a deal is made ...

Sue is helping her mother declutter, so some unfinished quilts
are being finished off, and this one has been kindly donated
to our community collection
Lynette's friend Chris made the top of this quilt from a
vibrant collection of scraps, and Lynette quilted and bound it

Lynette made Jenny Doan's 'Disappearing Hour Glass '
(Missouri Star Quilt Company) ...

... and she has really nailed spiral quilting
with her walking foot!

Robin W delved into her extensive turquoise scrap collection
for this beautiful 'Disappearing Four Patch', quilted by Lynette

Julie made quilt-as-you-go string blocks from all the blue scraps
... and then she did a deal with a Rotary colleague who admired it,
to swap it for a donation to Days for Girls

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