Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Show and tell

When you're four and your Grandma makes a beautifully crisp
navy, white and red hexagon quilt for your cousin, and your
response is 'Does it come in pink ballerinas?' ...
If Helen is your Grandma, it does!

Lisa is relatively new to quilting, but she didm't hesitate
to take a zip-top bag class with Miriam when the opportunity
arose - she's well on the way to a very nice finish.

Lyn is renowned in her family for her beautiful quilts
- these wonderfully coloured pieced dinosaurs are for a young
relative. Batiks make great dinosaur skin!

Marilyn O is not new to quilting, but she is fairly new to
our group, so we are enjoying looking through her masterpieces.
This large (85" square) quilt is Cherry Pie Designs 'Charlotte'.
Marilyn machine quilted it on her domestic machine
- it is brilliantly done.

Miriam has finished her 2018 stitched Christmas decoration,
made in a program with The Crewel Gobelin in Killara.

Susan is appliqueing large flowers over a iced background
- she says there are many more to go!

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