Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Community sewing, March 2019

Our March community sewing day saw us make progress on several quilts (we didn't get photos of all of them), and some extra-curricular community sewing in response to recent events ...
Nerida collected shades of turquoise, a few pale blues and
greens and cream, from her scraps, cut them into random
strips and made a beautifully peaceful quilt.

As we admired Nerida's quilt, there were a few lightbulb
moments - there might be more!

Three disparate donated patchwork and applique
panels - can they work together in one quilt?
Hilary has taken on the challenge!
We pin basted Helen's improv quilt from a 2017
workshop with Brenda Gael Smith ...

... and it's already finished!

An old friend called in, and offered to help out with some
sewing, so we put her to work with some pretty blue and
white churn dashes.

We are making green hearts for Christchurch, responding to
an appeal from NZ quilters. They plan to make quilts for the
families of those killed and injured in the recent terrorist
attack. You can find details on Facebook, and on Instagram.

We also responded to an appeal for quilt-as-you-go
blocks for quilts to be given to local families who have
been affected by the recent bushfires in Victoria.
The project is being coordinated by Ladies From the
Land Australia
based in Emerald, Victoria. You can
follow progress on Facebook, here.

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