Sunday, June 16, 2019

Around the meeting table ...

There is always quite a bit to see just by checking out what people are currently working on, in addition to what they bring for 'show and tell'. What is more difficult to document is the collaboration and co-operaton that often flies just under the group radar as people help each other with suggestions, information, and assistance. Last Monday was a public holiday, so perhaps we'll see great strides made over the last fortnight at tomorrow's meeting. Here are some observation from a couple of weeks ago ...

Another piece of a vintage 'cutter quilt' has made its way into
Helen's collection - worn from use, but lovely to contemplate.

There is always plenty of hexagon action - so portable!
These might be Julie's?

Marilyn's tiny clam shell border for her Oakhampton
quilt continue to grow.

We couldn't help but notice that several SewMiriam zip bags
were in regular use ... we know there are more!

This one is Miriam's own.

Gorgeous greens
Daphne's colourful cat panel is distinctive

Sue C has sewn nearly enough carefully curated 1 1/2" hexagons
for her granddaughter's quilt. She'll be checking out border options
at her next Margaret Sampson George class at Cottage Quilt Works.

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