Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Show and tell

We posted photos of our quilts at the recent Sydney Quilt Show here, but we were very interested to see Jenn's up very close and personal last week.

The Tuesday evening group had a wonderful opportunity to 
see 'Turn Her Into A Mountain', Jenn's Sydney Quilt Show
 entry for 2019 up very close. It is an original design based 
on childhood memories of Central Oregon and the Three
 Sisters volcanic peaks. 
The mountains are quilted with contour lines, with individual
designs more densely quilted in the multi-layered, brilliantly
coloured, small and very small triangles. Jenn quilted it on 

two domestic machines (one seized), and used nineteen 
solid fabrics in the binding.

The Three Sisters volcanoes in Central Oregon.
The peaks are sometimes known as 'Faith', 'Hope' and 'Charity'.
Image: USGS Photograph by Lyn Topinka, 1985. Creative Commons, Wikipedia
Louise is very happy with her finished pouch made from
a from a Cherry Pie Designs pattern and Wabi Sabi
Designs Australia fabrics. 

She will use it to keep her EPP bit and pieces in.

Christopher Florence's optical illusion design 'Passages'
appealed to Hilary - she bought a kit from the US.
It has no Y seams, so Hilary says it is easier to make
than it looks. Contemplating a quilting plan.
Hilary has also finished her large hexagon quilt started in
our jelly roll sewing day last year - beautiful shades of red
and  soft grey-greens. It is strip pieced, three strips
sewn together are cross-cut into 60ยบ triangles.

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