Friday, November 8, 2019

Show and tell - quilts

Sometimes people will say during our weekly show and tell sessions 'oh you've seen this before ...', as if we don't want to see their quilts at every stage and opportunity! We've seen most of these before at earlier stages in their making, and we loved seeing them gain.

Helen found just the right fabrics for this community quilt
in her stash - a very fresh, inviting mix.
Beautifully quilted by Yvette.

Nerida is working on a quilt panel she picked up at Jessie
Chorley’s delightful London shop during the northern
summer. This was our first look - we'll be happy for more!
Every time she thinks she's finished, she finds another
little spot to fill with stitches ...
It's always fun to unpack quilts fresh from the quilter, as happens 
regularly because we have two long armers amongst our members. 
Miriam's not-so-creepy Halloween quilt was done just in time ...

... with fabulous spider web quilting by Yvette.
Robin loves vibrant colours, and that is what we are used
to seeing in her quilts - but the vibrancy was notched up even
for her in this glorious quilt made with her daughter's
specific fabric requests.
See how much Robin likes the colours?

This one too is beautifully quilted by Yvette.
This absolutely gorgeous Kaffe Fasset wide-back fabric
is a perfect choice, and will also be used for the binding.

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