Thursday, May 28, 2020

Quarantine quilting (4)

We held our second large group Zoom meeting this week, and it went well. We have learned where our microphones and video icons are, and we could see and hear everyone! It's not the same as meeting face-to-face, but better than not meeting at all. We're getting better at holding our work up high enough for others to see!

There continues to be quite a bit of sewing going on - here are some recent finishes and works in progress ...

Jo has finished machine and hand quilting her beautiful
blue quilt (design and fabric by Brigitte Heitland @zenchicmoda).

Jo acquired a very cute little kitten not so long ago
... guess who uses the quilt?
Marilyn made the perfect quilt for her little great
granddaughter, who lives on an emu farm!

Daphne continues to work her way through her
substantial collection of scraps!

And Daphne is still adding to her red and
white 6" blocks - almost there!
Julie does a lot of machine applique and has great skills
- she describes her 'Contantinople' quilt as the most difficult
she has ever done. But the top is finished, beauitfully.

Once Constantinople was conquered, Julie
finished off her dragon flies quilt ...

... and fussy cut leftover crane fabric from an earlier quilt for this one.

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