Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Quarantine Quilting (7)

A wonderful array of works in progress ...

Sue's very big teacup quilt is nearly done - all hand quilted
 except the final few inches of the last border that will
be done after the knife edge is complete.
Jenn's baby quilt top is for a little one approaching her
second birthday - made with half-square triangles left over
from her parents' wedding quilt. Pinwheels for the win!

Janet is ploughing through her unfinished projects,
including this lovely ‘Jamestown Landing’,
designed by Bonnie Hunter.
Janet pieced the crane blocks by hand,
but ran out of the small scale Japanese prints
she wanted to use to turn them on point ...
... until Noelle came to the rescue from her extensive 
Japanese stash, handed over at a welcome 
socially distanced coffee catch up.
Daphne is making good progress on her red and white quilt,
with clever cross blocks as counterpanes.
Jill found a 12 " remnant of the trippy 70s-ish
print in a local quilt shop about ten years ago, and
prevaricated about what to do with it. It took
quarantine for it to be made into a quilt top.

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