'Jolly Stars' workshop with Catherine Butterworth

Our workshop with Catherine Butterworth in 2015 was on using acrylic templates for accurate piecing.

We used two of Marti Michell's templates to make 'Jolly Stars' blocks.

You can see two versions of this quilt made by Catherine in this post from Quiltsmith's blog.

More images from our workshop day are here and our subsequent progress here and here.    

The block lends itself to fussy cutting for the centre squares.

Precision requires concentration!

Detail of Lyn Lang's quilt top - she was very quick to finish it
and pass it on to her nephew, so we don't have a photo of
the finished quilt!
Pat Nerlich's finished quilt was hung in our 2016 quilt show

Susan McMahon's finished Jolly Stars quilt was also
finished in time for out 2016 quilt show.
Jill O'Connor finished the quilt top after the workshop in 2015, 
and it waited to find a home for more than 2 years. Jo-Ann
(Quiltwise) has now quilted it, ready to be donated to 

Studio ARTES for a fundraiser in September 2017.
October 2017 - Dawn Cox has completed her Jolly Stars
quilting it herself. The background fabric is a red spot on cream,
complimenting the feature fabrics.
We might see it hanging in our 2018 Quilt Show. 

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