Monday, August 24, 2009

Community Quilts: Bordered Squares

The Tuesday Night group are going to make up some Bordered Squares to be put together for a community quilt (or two). Thanks to Jane for the pattern, instructions, samples and photos.

This is a simple little block, designed to use up any lingering child-bright fabric scraps before Christmas. These could be plain or patterned, and any combination you find pleasing.

Please avoid using black as the contrast fabric – we have a cunning plan to assemble the blocks into quilts.

You will need
Main fabric
  • One 4½“ square.

Contrast fabric

  • Two 1½“ x 4½“ patches; Two 1½“ x 6½“ patches


Attach the two 1½“ x 4½“ patches to the left & right sides of the main square, and press seams away from the square

Attach the two 1½“ x 6½“ patches to the top and bottom of the main square, and press seams away from the square.

Your finished block will measure 6½“ x 6½“ (unfinished):

Make as many as you like - and of course Monday group members are welcome to contribute too.

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