Sunday, August 2, 2009

Craft Depot, Pennant Hills $5 bargains

Despite what the date on this post might say, it's being written on Sunday 2nd August. A certain Fairholme Quilter, who will remain anonymous, "popped into" Craft Depot at Pennant Hills a little while ago to buy some buttons ..... and checked out the $5 per m fabric bin at the door, as you do.

Delighted to find it had been restocked very recently with some very good quality bolts of appealing fabrics, she came away with 4 m each of the fabrics on the left and on the right of the photo, and 3 m of the centre one (end of a bolt). They are to be shared with a friend, and maybe a sister.

There were full bolts of each of these still in the bin, and a number of others that she would have been been happy to give a home to. But one can't imagine that they'll be there for long at this price. Just in case you're passing .....

You should be able to click on the photo to get a larger, clearer image.

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