Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jane and Dina work in parallel ....

.... as well as in series. With these quilts, they have used the same block, with different layouts and very different fabric choices. Both of the tops are enormous, so they will be taking themselves off to a long-arm quilter!

Jane's navy, red and gold is striking and regal. The asymmetric bloc placement leads the eye all over the quilt, and to that beautiful border fabric again and again. So much to look at!

Dina gets to go to Houston from time to time to meet up with sister and fellow quilter, Cindy, to take in the festival and then they shop. These subtly elegant fabrics came from one of those excursions. Just look at that final border print! The three dimensional effect is well-realised through the more regular block placement and the thoughtful interplay of light, medium and dark-value fabrics - you almost need to reach out touch it to see how many layers there are .....

Should this quilt ever go missing, you'll know where to look for it Dina!

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