Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Who knew a table runner didn't have to be straight?

I feel a bit of a dill admitting it, but it has never occurred to me that a table runner could be curved ......until I saw these wonderfully flowing examples from a class with Vanessa at Country Pickin's that Marijke, Dina and Jane did last weekend (Jo did it too, but we haven't seen hers yet). The class was to demonstrate the use of wedge rulers. This project used 8 fabrics (fat quarters or 1/4 metres, with some left overs).

Marijke didn' t want pointy ends, so left them out.

Dina kept the pointy ends, and followed the orientation in the instructions .... and is contemplating her quilting options.

.....while Jane did something that made hers come out "back to front" - but does it matter? She has stipple quilted in the cream band so far, with more to be done.

Jane used the left-overs of the strip sets to create a small rectangular quilt with the wedge ruler, just to see what it would be like.

Now isn't that much more interesting than straight, just for a change?

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