Saturday, January 2, 2010


Now obviously we all make our own quilts, so we might not be big purchasers, but the online Australian market MadeIt could be useful for selling those excess projects that just don't have a particular home to go to, or to refer those people to, who ask you about making them a quilt, but you are not able to oblige for various reasons.

MadeIt calls itself "the handmade market that is open all day every day". The press page gives more information. There is a discrete "quilt" category, but others are listed under "Babies and Children" as "bedding".

There's even a blog, with some great ideas and instructions.

A bit like an Etsy shop or a SEWnSELL shop, but a little more like a an online market stall, with ready access to everyone else's stalls ...... just what you need!

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