Sunday, January 3, 2010

Summer quilt sightings

A lovely quilt (or maybe some quilted cushions?) are the backdrop for a large photo on p. 5 of this morning's Sydney Sun-Herald - the babies are cute too!

And from summer reading and watching ....

In the 2009 Australian movie, My Year Without Sex, a large quilt hangs above bed in the main characters' bedroom.

The Golden Dress, by Marion Halligan - a late chapter uses a scrap bag and potential quilt as a metaphor for a character's troubled thoughts .....
...... The mind is a bulging ragbag of scraps and patches; you may intend one day to make out of it a quilt pieced and patterned of the kind that gives symbolic order to women's lives in books and movies these days, whose construction was always a skill and a craft and is now an art too, snapping up considered trifles and making beautiful orderly meaningful patterns out of them. With names like Wedding Ring, Log Cabin, Happy Homes - names that comfort. And some less obviously so: Drunkard's Path, Broken Dishes, turning difficult realities into cosy objects. But in the meantime its an old bag shoved into the back of the linen cupboard, stuffed with tatty scraps that you no longer even recognise. earlier chapter heading "The Rose Quilt" appeared to refer to a bedspread rather than a quilt.

Lots of quilted garments, or parts of garments in The Tudors, Season 3 (as there are in Seasons 1 and 2)

Some references to quilted jackets in Wolf Hall (2009 Mann-Booker Prize winner, a novel about Thomas Cromwell) - and the painted Tudor Rose on the cover could be appliqued, couldn't it ......?

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  1. The book "Prayers for Sale," by Sandra Dallas is a delightful story about a woman who quilts, and the quilters she spends time with. I recommend it.