Saturday, March 20, 2010

Changi quilt at the V & A

Thanks to Sarah Fielke from The Last Piece for passing on this link to a UK Channel 4 news story about the Changi Quilt which is included in the current exhibition at the V & A in London. The video is, as Sarah commented, slow to load, but worth watching, to hear the first hand account of the quilt's making.

The National Quilt Register lists this quilt here. Sheila Allan's Diary of a Girl in Changi Prison, is apparently out of print, but appears to be readily available from community libraries. The third edition, a paperback (ISBN 0684034700), published in the US in 2005, " ..... includes a new Preface and Conclusion, which tie up the 'loose ends' of the original Diary of a Girl in Changi. Also included is information on the Changi quilts."

Three signature quilts were also made in Changi Prison. The Australian War Memorial online Encyclopedia entry about the Changi quilts they hold can be accessed here.

Margarte Rolfe wrote about the Changi Quilts in her book, Australian Quilt Heritage (available for Fairholme members to borrow from our library, or for purchase from Logan's).

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