Friday, March 5, 2010

Dina's BIG quilts

Dina is off to the US in a few weeks, to visit her sister, a fellow quilter, and to visit the odd quilt exhibition (like Paducah!) and possibly to shop (and shop, and shop) for fabric. She's been getting some projects finished before she goes, so that Cindy can see what she has been up to (she's taking photos, not all of the quilts!)

This butterfly, like Jane's, is made with the aid of the wedge ruler. The wing fabric is stunning!

The "1778 Quilt" was a picture in a magazine, and Dina has drafted her own version, made with Japanese prints. It was quilted by Ellie Harrison, in a pattern called Carolina Rose, to reflect the provenance of the original quilt. The main motif of the quilting pattern is clearly visible in the detail below:

Several Tuesday Nighters made a version of Jane's "woven pattern - this is Dina's indigos woven into a square spiral, and quilted, again by Ellie Harrison, with butterfly pattern.

Another intriguing large quilt from Dina, made with just two fabrics - the light one has enough variation in colour and tone to give it great interest. A lot of triangles and bias edges went into the making of these blocks. The graphic patterns, including the "star-in-a-star-in-a-star" and the chain effect of the dark squares lined up on the diagonals are a lot more visible from a distance or in the photo, than at real size.
We look forward to what Dina brings back from her trip!

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