Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Modern Quilting

This post has been brewing away in the drafts folder for some time, as new information kept turning up, some of it beautifully distracting from the task at hand.  However, today saw the launch of a publication that merits attention right now.

For some time, the Modern Quilt movement has been gaining traction, emerging as a fresh approach to the traditions of quilt making.  Many of its leading lights are younger people (and some not so young), and that means that collectively they are very comfortable with online communication, so there are many blogs and websites, flickr groups and other fancier online formats for promotion and communication - including online Modern Quilting Guilds, some of them here in Australia. And they are very comfortable with digital imaging, so there are lots of absolutely gorgeous photos!

You're probably already familiar with some of its elements, even if you haven't come across the term "modern quilting".

Modern Quilting is recognised by the freshness of the style and fabrics used -  not to be confused with contemporary art quilting, it's actually much closer to quilting traditions than that.  Lots of piecing, fresh looking fabrics, lots of solid colours, white and lighter colours, modern prints,  non-symmetric placement of blocks and pieces within blocks (and lots of symmetry too!), quilting that varies from very simple to much more complex, but usually very integral part of the design process, and very interesting and sometimes whimsical backings. 

Modern Quilters appear to be very generous (and that's traditional) - an impressive number of free online tutorials, extremely well illustrated abound.

The easiest way to see what it is all about is to check out some modern quilters and their quilts, and focus on the types of fabrics and patterns, and the overall style. 

And so to today's launch of  Fat Quarterly - the first e-zine for Modern Quilters.

It won't be to everyone's taste, but if you like the look and want to know more, here are some places to look:

Oh, Fransonn


Gold Coast Modern Quilt Guild

Most list their own favourite blogs and websites, so you will find much to follow up - get comfortable and settle in for a good surf.  Load up Google Reader with the ones that pique your interest

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