Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Raffle quilt presentation

The Monday group waspleased to welcome two visitors on this week: Dale Aston, the winner of the first prize in our quilt raffle, together with her friend Evelyne Raack. They came all the way from the southside, thanks to some help from a Sat Nav. They are both quilters of many years standing, and Dale was thrilled to have won the quilt.

Evelyne, Dale a Susan, with the prize quilt

Dale and Evelyne brought some quilts for show and tell. Some are from classes with Jennifer Corkish, one is based on a quilt from Annette Gero's book.

The raffle quilt has found a good home!

Our own Lorraine Ketchington won the second prize of the fabulous blue and white woodpile block quilt:

The raffle raised $3,000 for the Hornsby-Kuring-gai Mental Health Association.

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