Monday, May 31, 2010

Roses from the Heart: bonnets

Heather brought back the story of the very moving Roses from the Heart project from the Australian Quilt Convention in Melbourne.  A brief introduction from the Roses from the Heart website:

Sew a bonnet and be part of history. Help Christina Henri complete her amazing project Roses From The Heart, 25,566 bonnets made with empathy for convict woman who endured so much and yet have received so little recognition. Their economic and social contribution was enormous, yet the ‘stigma’ shrouding their existence always precluded discussion of their value.

Read more about the project, its significance and how you can participate here.  Heather has some names provided by Christina, or you can talk to Christina directly, through the website.

Bonnet pattern:  scroll to the bottom of this page for a multi-page pattern and instructions to download.

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