Friday, July 20, 2012

Fairholme Quilters Exhibition 2012 (5): Paint Chip Challenge

Fifth in a series of posts in which we will share the quilts from our biennial exhibition, held in April 2012.  Click on the images for a larger view. 

Paint Chip Challenge

Each quilter was given a paint chip, with three shades of a single colour (light, medium and dark values) in a brown paper bag,

The challenge was make a quilt up to 36" x 36" (not necessarily square), using fabrics in the three colours only, with the addition of only black, white and/or cream.

Any technique could be used, and the work had to be quilted and bound.

Paint Chip Challenge Quilts 1 - 11 (of 23)

Miniature Madness - Miriam Jones
Winner of  the Paint Chip Challenge Viewers' Choice

Window - Sharyn Knitter
Runner Up, Paint Chip Challenge Viewers' Choice

Tulip Window - Dawn Cox

Desert - Janet Swalwell

Medieval Motif - Robin Stutchbury

My Green Folly - Georgie Patrickson

Village Square - Elaine Walton

Untitled - Pat Nerlich

Land, Sea, Sky - Margaret Weir

Untitled - Loraine McIntosh

Tulip Time - Janice Freelander

(Photographs by Andrew Freelander)

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